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Oshitari Yuushi, known at the Hyotei Host Club as the Kansai Lover,… - Hyotei Host Club [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hyotei Host Club

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[Sep. 22nd, 2006|08:07 pm]
Hyotei Host Club
Oshitari Yuushi, known at the Hyotei Host Club as the Kansai Lover, sat quietly next to Muhaki Gakuto, the adorable lolishota pretzel. Even though Gakuto was stealing the show and wowing the girls with his amazing acrobatics, Oshitari was content to sit still and watch. Being the smart one, he knew that his own selling point was his air of mystery and his deep, smooth voice. ‘A few more minutes, and then I must check up on the rest of the members,’ he thought to himself. Oshitari was also in charge of all the host club’s financial records. Jiroh would probably drool on them; Gakuto would probably throw them away on accident; Shishido would get so flustered with the numbers that he’d shred them; Atobe was just Atobe. That left Kabaji and Ootori, but Oshitari was not the trusting kind. He was not about to let the entire fate of the club rest on the shoulders of a kouhai and a manservant.

Coming out of his daze, Oshitari gracefully stood up and took his leave. “If you’ll excuse me, ladies, there is business I must attend too.” The swooning girls were only too happy to get out of his way. He slowly made his way over to the black notebook which held all the information about the club, stopping occasionally to wave at a customer. Finally, he reached the counter where he left it, picked up the notebook, and cracked it open to take a look at the financial situation.

‘Hmm…at this rate, if Jiroh keeps sleeping, he’ll end up losing customers…’ “Kabaji, wake up Jiroh.”

‘It looks like Shishido is starting drama again…’ Oshitari made his way right next to Shishido and bent down whisper in his ear. “Keep this up and I’ll make sure you get kicked off the team again.” He could feel the shiver from the drama queen.

Yes, this was just another day at the Hyotei Host Club.

From: shishiryou
2006-09-24 03:13 pm (UTC)
Shishido shivered as the Kansai boy whispered those horrifying words, "..kicked off the team again." No way was he going to get himself kicked off the team over this whole stupid fiasco of getting jealous over his Choutarou serving other clients like they should! Not after sacrificing his own beautiful silky hair! Yes.. those memories still brought back nightmares.

Looking back at the fading figure of the bespectacled kansai boy, Shishido muttered a string of curses before turning back to his own client, in a form of the irritating Rikkaidai trickster, Niou. He wondered at times why the usually-silver-haired (no not HIS silver haired boy) boy had came in with his hair sprayed brown, tail tucked away, and wearing a Hyotei uniform. Really, and the fact that he had specifically chosen HIM, of all people! But, as Club's policy, he went on to serve the Rikkai student in the usual "charming" way they were all forced trained to, wary about the stuff around for said boy was not nicknamed Trickster for no reason.

"Sir, which tea would you like?" With his sort-of-a-smile, Shishido stood infront of the smirking boy. "I'd like a rose flavored one, with a dash of Ootori, if you don't mind." With that scandalous wink, Shishido gave in every single drop of patience in him in order not to strangle his client alive as he chuckled viciously. How on earth could Oshitari still expect him to rein in his temper in such a situation?
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