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Ootori Choutarou . Shishido Ryou - Hyotei Host Club [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Ootori Choutarou . Shishido Ryou [Sep. 23rd, 2006|11:18 pm]
Hyotei Host Club

Ootori Choutarou stood outside Shishido's house, fidgeting slightly. He hadn't seen his senpai since the other day, when Shishido kissed him and ran off. Smoothing his shirt nervously, he rang the doorbell.

Ryou's head turned sharply towards the front door as the bell rang.

"Young master, would you like me to open that?" Narumi-basan had offered.

"Erm, I'll get that myself, thanks!" With a final check on his reflection, Ryou contemplated on wearing a cap. Shaking his head at the idea, he rushed for the knob and opened it. "Ah, Choutarou."

"Aa, Shishido-san," Choutarou greeted with a smile. He looked at the older male and blushed slightly. "Anou....you look really good today."

Coughing madly to cover up the blush forming on his cheeks from the compliment received, he turned away to look at the porcelain vase by the door in sudden interest, "Erm.. so do you. Anyways, do..do you wanna get going?”

"Aa. Is it okay if we walk? I gave the servants the night off, so I don't have a car right now," the second-year said, still blushing a faint pink. "Besides, the weather is nice."

"Erm.." Turning back towards Narumi-basan who just smiled and nodded for him to go on, Ryou faced Choutarou. "Sure.. why not?"

With his confident smirk, Ryou turned once more to grab his coat from the rack, only to find Narumi-basan already behind him with the coat. "Have fun, obocchama!"

Blushing lightly, Ryou gave a smile to his trusted nanny. "Arigatou, bachan!"

With a shy smile, Choutarou took his senpai's hand. “Let's go.”

"Aa." Suddenly, it didn't matter to Ryou that they were walking down his neighbourhood hand-in-hand like there was nothing wrong with the picture. It didn't matter to him even if his mother or father would drive by any moment and to see one of their sons holding hands so intimately with another boy. Today is HIS birthday, and nothing will ruin his mood.

Relieved that Shishido didn't pull away, Choutarou led the way to his mansion. It wasn't far, only about ten minutes away. Reluctantly, he let go of the warm hand to pull out his keys and open the door. He held the door open, waiting for the older male to enter first.

"*cough* thank you, Chouta." Shishido went in cautiously, even when it wasn't his first time stepping into the Ootori Residence

Ootori reached for the shorter male's hand once more, pulling him into the dining room. There, cramped on one side of the table, were a plate of cheese sandwiches, two bowls of corn chowder and two plates of baked smelts. He pulled out a chair for his beloved. "Hai, Shishido-san."

Spotting his favourite cheese sandwiches on the table, Ryou's fingers were itching to grab one, but he stopped short to check on his manner. "Thank you, Choutarou. It looks delicious."

"Shishido-san, you don't have to keep your manners in check around me you know. I don't mind," Choutarou said, having read his senpai's mind. He pushed Shishido down into the chair gently. "It's my first time making cheese sandwiches, so I hope it's all right."

"Hey I mean how hard can cheese sandwiches be? Just slap on some cheese on the bread and..." Ryou suddenly realized that he was talking too much and coughed a little to stop himself. 'Why won't you sit then Chouta?"

Choutarou nodded and sat down opposite Ryou. "Shall we start?"

"Sure. " Taking a sip of wine from the glass, Shishido turned to Ootori, "Wine, Choutarou? Wouldn't your parents mind?"

"They're not here to see it anyway. Besides, I bought that on my own, so it's not like I'm drinking their wine," Ootori said with a small smile.

Taking another sip, Ryou let out an impressed smile. "Not bad. Quite a good choice you had there." After taking another sip of the wine, Ryou placed the glass elegantly and helped himself to some soup. "Wow Chouta, this soup's great."

Ootori beamed at his doubles partner happily. "I'm glad you like it."

"I'm surprised that the house didn't burn down actually.. but to have something this good.. wow."

Choutarou looked up from his soup and pouted slightly. "Mou, Shishido-san, please don't tease me. Of course I wouldn't burn the house down, though I managed to burn my fi-"

Realizing that he had said too much, he tried to change the topic. "Ne Shishido-san, how are the smelts?"

With a stern face Ryou walked over to Choutarou's seat, totally ignoring the sudden change of topics. "Choutarou, hold out your hands!"

"Eh? You've seen my hands before, Shishido-san," Choutarou said, blinking innocently.

"Choutarou. Let me see your fingers."

"Aa, Shishido-san, your food's getting cold. Really, you should hurry up and eat. After all, I'm sure you're hungry," Ootori said quickly, struggling to divert his senpai's attention away from his hands.

With that attempt to change the subject once more, Ryou grabbed his junior's hands and opened up the clenched fists to reveal hastily wrapped bandaids around the digits. With a frown, Ryou looked back up towards Ootori. "Where's the first-aid box?"

Choutarou pouted unconsciously as he pointed to the kitchen.

Walking towards the little white box on the wall in the kitchen, Ryou brought the box over to the table and took out the essentials to clean and re-wrap the wounds properly. "If you don't do it right, these wounds would not heal and gods, you may scar! These fingers are important when you play the violin, Chouta."

The younger boy nodded, allowing Shishido to fuss over him. He watched as his senpai cleansed and re-wrapped his wounds, smiling to himself. "You care more about my fingers than I do."

"That's precisely why i care about them, aho! Cause you couldn't care less about yourself! You even let the other members order you around!" With the final band-aid in place, Shishido smiled at his handy work and made his way back to his seat. "By the way, wbout those smelts, they're great!" Taking another bite of the mentioned dish, Ryou smiled at the thought of Choutarou cooking on his own.

"I'm glad you like it," Choutarou said, picking up his spoon to drink his soup. He watched Shishido as he ate, trying not to be too obvious.

Wiping his lips with a napkin after taking his last bite of the smelts, Shishido peered at the cheese sandwiches. "Hmm.. maybe we could save the sandwiches for the movie. What do you think?"

"Aa, that's fine," Ootori said. He finished up his smelts and wiped his mouth, then stood up and went over to Shishido's side. He picked up the plate of cheese sandwiches and looked at Shishido. "Shall we go up? We could watch it in my room."

Beaming up to his taller, yet younger partner, Shishido gave a nod. But turning to their used dishes, he pause and pointed to their dishes. "We... we should get that."

"It's fine. I'll wash them tomorrow," Choutarou said, looking slightly nervous for some reason. He fidgetted slightly, reaching for Shishido's hand with his free hand and leading him up the stairs. "I want to give you your present."

Ryou's eyes widened in surprise. "But Chouta, I thought the dinner was the present?" Looking baffled, Ryou kept up with his doubles partner..

The silver-haired male gave his partner a sheepish look. "Initially, but then I saw something that I really wanted to get for you, so I bought it."

Blushing once more, Ryou kept quiet until a very soft, "why did you have to do that?" came out.

Choutarou blushed at the question, and tried to change the topic. "Ne Shishido-san, remember that time at host club? Erm..... Why did you...kiss me?"

"urm.. 'bout that... you see i was trying to get somthing in your hair but then i tripped..."

"Aa, so it was just an accident," Choutarou said, sounding disappointed. "I thought......."

Looking at the disappointment on Choutarou's face, Ryou sighed and smacked his junior at the back of his head. "Of course not, AHO! I was..I.." suddenly he lost his words and started blushing madly again.

Choutarou took a deep breath to calm himself. "You know, that wasn't fair. You're not supposed to kiss me and then run away! How can I confess if you run off?"

"What.. I had another client to serve!" Ryou knew he was lying through his teeth.

"Aa, why're we're standing on the steps and talking?" Choutarou tried to change the topic again. He walked up the stairs. "Let's go up, Shishido-san."

Sighing, Ryou followed Chouta's lead into his room. "So, what are we gonna watch tonight, Master?"


Looking at Chouta's baffled face, Shishido laughed. "I mean, you are the master of this house aren't you? Tsk Tsk Chouta, all this hosting job's really gotten into your head ey?"

Choutarou blinked. He then put the plate of cheese sandwiches down and moved behind Shishido. Closing his eyes, he pulled the shorter male into his embrace, blushing a dark crimson.

Ryou was startled at the sudden embrace, but after getting used to it, he began to lean back into Choutarou;s arms. "Saa, what about this present you were talking about?"

Reaching into his pocket, Choutarou pulled out a simple metallic bracelet. On it was the name 'Ryou'. Grabbing Shishido's wrist gently, he put it in the shorter male's hand.

Looking at the bracelet given to him, Ryou was left speechless. Upon closer inspection, he saw his name engraved on a little metallic plate. His eyes then fell onto Choutarou's arm and saw a similar looking bracelet. Reaching out to it, he saw that it read 'Choutarou'. Turning around to face his parter, Ryou let out a small smile. "You bought us matching bracelets.."

Choutarou nodded, his face burning as his blush darkened. "Do you like it?"

Ryou fell silent. His hands were gently rubbing at the engraved plate. "Choutarou.. why did you have to go through all these lengths for me?" His eyes were glistening with unshed tears. "First you went through all that trouble training with me, then you sacriificed your spot on the regulars for me.."

"I..... Shishido-san...." Squeezing his eyes shut, Choutarou gathered his courage. "I like you, Shishido-san!"

Shishido's heart stopped at the sudden confession. To say that he was shocked, he was kinda expecting it. But hearing those words out felt weird.


Blinking his eyes, Shishido leaned up and left a chaste kiss on his partner's lips. "Thank you, Choutarou. For everything."

Smiling warmly at his young partner, Shishido pulled away and tried to put on the bracelet he had received from the other

Choutarou watched as his senpai tried to put the bracelet on. He pulled it out of his grasp gently. "Anou.... Shishido-san, I'll put it on for you."

Watching the younger boy help him put the bracelet on him, Shishido Ryou smiled. "Choutarou. Thank you for clebrating my birthday for me. This is the most wonderful birthday i had in ages.. well cept for that little party we had back at the club.. The clients get freaky! I MEAN I RECEIVED A FREAKING HAIR GROWTH FORMULA FOR HEAVEN'S SAKES. 'May your beautiful hair grow back to it's beauty' was left on the bottle.." Frowning at that thought, Ryou had not realized Choutarou was done with the bracelet.

Choutarou held on to Ryou's hand as the older boy ranted. Smiling, he brought the hand up, brushing his lips against the knuckles gently. "Happy birthday, Shishido-san."

Smiling, and for once not blushing, Ryou sighed in content. "Thank You."

Pulling the shorter figure into his arms, Choutarou laid a soft kiss on Shishido's lips. "You're welcome."