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Hyotei Host Club

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OOC : Team Communications [Sep. 23rd, 2006|12:26 am]
Hyotei Host Club

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[music |Do as Infinity - Tangerine Dream]


Well yes. Assuming that everyone here has MSN (We all should right? ><;;), it'd be nice if everyone could just post their MSN addresses here so that the others can add you and we can finally get a move on with the RP. XD I'll start.


Minna-san~! It'd be nice if you followed up. Don't leave your darling buchou feeling like an idiot ne? XD
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Beyond Hyotei Host Club Room (Everyone can join in) [Sep. 22nd, 2006|02:10 pm]
Hyotei Host Club
Running late, Shishido Ryou ran towards Hyotei Regular's room 2 in hopes that the great Oujisama's not in the roomyet, else he'd get his head chewed off. Frantically running his fingers across his no-longer long and beautiful hair, Ryou winced in the memory of Atobe Keigo chewing his head off the day after the whole 'cut hair in front of Sakaki-kantoku and the entire Hyotei Tennis Club'.

"WHY ON EARTH DID YOU HAVE TO GO TO SUCH EXTENT AS TO CUT YOUR HAIR??!! THAT WAS YOUR SELLING POINT IN THE HOST CLUB TO BEGIN WITH!!!!! unlike Ore-sama you don't have a charismatic personality!"  *insert  Atobe panic mode before  Oshitari gave a hinting cough that was going out of character and Atobe went back to being the cool and suave , charismatic leader he is*
-end flashback-

Well in contrary, that very day, his popularity in the club grew (along with Choutarou *insert fangirl's MOEEEEEEE moment*) with girls going, "You looked really pretty with long hair, Bur Shishido-san, you look really cool now with short hair too! And that whole standing up to Sakaki-sama was REALLY COOL!!! Especially with Ootori-san standing up.. MMOOOOOEEEEEE" in which by then, Ryou would have walked away to serve another girl. Besides really, this whole "Host" job was just another waitering job for him!

Sometimes, Shishido wondered why he bothered working in the Host Club coz really, he didn't need the money! Maybe it was the whole, 'If you do not accept being a member of Hyotei Host Club, we won't be able to join the Regulars' policy Atobe has put up. This policy was not known to many outside of the regulars, precisely why the members in Hyotei tennis club regulars were chosen, not only based on skills, but also based on looks and personality, in exception of Kabaji as Oujisama's manslaveservant has to be at his call 24/7! Even then, Kabaji had his little group of fangirls clients who went for the dumb big and strong guys. Those poor 200+ guys waiting in hopes to be accepted in the club's Regulars!

Shishido Ryou took a deep breath before opening the door. Rose petals blew out in the man made wind out of the door, there stood the members of Hyotei Tenni Club Regulars Hyotei Host Club, stood in the 19th Century attire. "Welcome to The Host Club." Upon realising it was just Shishido, some went off their "Cool & Suave" mode to their usual normal mode with a couple, "Che, it's just Ryou!" and "Oi, Drama Queen, you're late!" Then his trusted young doubles partner came up, "Good afternoon Shishido-san, your costume's in the changing room. Shall I escort you there?" Then came a snide comment, "Service to the clients first, yourselves later.." yes.. why indeed has he joined the Host club?
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And the Diva gets the First IC Post [Sep. 21st, 2006|05:18 pm]
Hyotei Host Club

[Current Location |Tennis Regulars Room (2) Hyotei Gakuen]
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[music |Sting - Desert Rose]

Leaning back into the armchair he was seated in, Atobe perched his head on his left hand, taking a quick glance across the room. While the idea may have been an interesting idea at first the glamour of it wore off quickly.

... Especially when most of their customers were fangirls interested only in oogling the team.

Then again it seemed as though Oshitari and Gakuto were both enjoying themselves.

Sighing, Atobe strengthened his resolve. After all, it wouldn't be him if he just gave up halfway now would it? But fans or not, if another one decided to give in to the idea and attempt to grope his ass he would have Kabaji throw the offender out of the window into the koi pond below the window.
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2006|01:49 am]
Hyotei Host Club
Btw, before i get everyone confused, Tennis is not really that important in here but mention of it is alright k! THe timeline is also flexible, but just to make it standardized, it'd be in the same timeline as in POT k! You are also allowed to have relations with one another (DUH) as well as any OC members (female/male)! After all, this is a host club ^_~. Need ideas? think of Ouran High School Host Club or LOVE MODE by Yuki Shimizu! Yes, fanfics are permitted here, just state as so in the subject! XD
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2006|01:43 am]
Hyotei Host Club
Alright, the update on members

Atobe Keigo : leoparddiva
Shishido Ryou: shishiryou
Ootori Choutarou: chouta
Mukahi Gakuto: flexible_shota
Oshitari Yuushi: froz3n_yume
Akutagawa Jiroh: sleeping_one
Taki Haginosuke: host_taki

Btw, those who are officially in, pls add the pic below in you info!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And also, you guys may start posting here once you've joined!

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Welcome to Hyotei Host Club RP! -now hiring- [Sep. 14th, 2006|02:59 am]
Hyotei Host Club
Welcome to Hyotei Host Club, the place where one can look for their dream lover in the form of the beautiful Hyotei Tennis Club Regulars Hosts. This club is open to both females and males. Yes, which means Yaois are accepted (just mention a warning in your subject and put it behind an lj cut for R - NC17 type of posts).
As this is an RP comm, yes, you have to have a separate acct for the characters

Positions (hosts) Available

Atobe Keigo - the arrogant-egoistic-bossy Prince
Akutagawa Jirou - the narcoleptic Lolishota
Mukahi Gakuto - the acrobatic Lolishota
Oshitari Yuushi - The mysterious Kansai Lover
Ootori Choutarou - The Silent Elegant Gentleman
Hiyoshi Wakashi - The silent brooding Lover
Kabaji Munehiro- The slave
Taki Haginosuke - The jilted one

OCs are accepted (both females and males)

Applications are at the comments section!

pls include
Character applying for (Insert name here for OCs too)
Character background/description (for OCs)
Character's age/yr etc (for OCs)
Reason to join
Hosts prefered (for non-host positions)
LJ acct used in this RP
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