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Hyotei Host Club serves its customers a beautiful portrait of their dream lovers. Our current Host members consists of

3rd Year Atobe Keigo : The Diva Emperor
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3rd Year Akutagawa Jirou : The Sleeping Prince
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3rd Year Mukahi Gakuto : The Lolishota Acrobat
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3rd Year Oshitari Yuushi : Flirtatious Enigma
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3rd Year Shishido Ryou : The Fiery Knight
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2nd Year Ootori Choutarou : The Elegant Gentleman
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Taki Haginosuke : host_taki

Now still hiring!

Please read before joining!

-Each host will be given clients to deal with.

-Your job is to "serve" them [though paragraphic means(aka fic style in ehich u may choose to portray in third person POV or character POV) or as a chat through comment/reply or even in a form of a script].
-Points will be given for the level of tolerance as well as creativity on how you handle each client.
-At the end of the month your points will add up and the host with the highest points will be awarded "No. 1 Host of the Month" title
-As an added bonus, hosts may wish to either "help out" or "sabotage" other hosts and their challenge/clients! Don't be shy, cause I want every member to participate and interact!
-Oh yeah, Hosts, you may also develope inter-host relationships/courtship here or in your own charac LJ accts.

To all future hosts: Fill up the rest of the positions available (in the first 2 posts) or sign up as an OC! OC hosts are accepted!

Sign up HERE if you're interested as a host (Original Characters accepted!).

Have fun and work well with the clients! Good Luck all you hosts!

Now this is the fun part! Anyone may choose to be a client! There will be 2 catogeries for this! The "Permanent Clients" and the "Temporary Clients"~!

Permanent Clients:
Basically, this are the formal members of these club! These clients will have to set up their own LJ accts for their OCs complete with character details/describtion and a small character background! To sign up for these role, pls post a comment in this post along with
-your original character details(name, age,school, etc etc)/position applying (in which u'll put Permanent Client)
-a little description of his or her character!
-You may choose any host or even switch hosts to serve you. Just put up a post in this comm and the appointed host will respond, unless he is busy then we'll get another host for you!

Temp clients:
This is where anyone can pop in and select a host by commenting on this post. Your post should state
-your OC name/age/details with [TEMPORARY CLIENT] as your subject.
-When the host posts here with your name, it means that you're up for the RP! You will just need to hit the reply button under anonymous But by you have to abide by some rules/guidelines which are
1) You must keep posting/replying and checking up on your character developement long enough until the client or host (or me) feel fit that the host has done his job and end the session.

Sign up HERE if you're interested as a client!

We'll come up with more as we go along!

-Be careful when making sight change to the environment given! No drastic changes to the "plot/storyline" etc and try to stay in character as much as possible

All posts/comments will be screened!

To those applying, plese comment with the position you're applying for as ur subject HERE! Once accepted, hit the "Join Community" button!